Sarah Handzel, BSN, RN

North Carolina Freelance Healthcare Content Writer/Copywriter

It’s your neighbor, the teen that just got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  It’s a surgeon, who wants to know about a new surgical tool his hospital might be purchasing.  It’s you, and you want advice about treatment options for your own medical problem.

What do these people – including you – have in common?  They all go online to get information about their healthcare concerns.

  It’s not enough to wait to have a conversation with your healthcare provider anymore. The Internet puts the entire world right at our fingertips…and almost everyone does their homework about their medical conditions and treatments before they even get to their healthcare providers.

It’s the result of our changing healthcare landscape, where convenience and speed is starting to take the place of person-to-person interaction. People are using technology like never before to get instant information, connect with providers, and monitor their progress toward treatment goals.

That’s where I come in.

Well-written, relevant content is invaluable in making real connections with people in our fast-paced digital world. I write content and content marketing deliverables for healthcare clients, working to increase your brand awareness and credibility in the evolving healthcare landscape.

My unique nursing perspective means I communicate easily with patients, providers and consumers – that’s right, I can speak the lingo from both sides of the fence.  It’s my goal to write copy that educates, inspires and even entertains, all in a creative, reader-friendly fashion.