Yup, that’s me!

So this is the part where I’m supposed to be uber-professional while telling you why I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread.  But let’s get real – I feel like it’s important for people to get a sense of who I actually am.  You know, a real human being, not a robot out in the Internet ether.

It’s true that I’m a freelance writer and a registered nurse.  I got into healthcare over nine years ago, but I’ve been writing in some form or fashion my whole life (all 30+ years of it).

  That 1) means I have a lot of knowledge about the healthcare industry to draw on, and 2) makes me feel a little old.  What can ya do though?

I started freelance writing because I got fed up.  There just wasn’t enough time in acute care to really have in-depth conversations about the whys and hows of healthcare, and that wasn’t enough for me.  I love to learn, and I love to help other people learn – it’s a huge part of my nursing practice.  So, I started writing. I use my writing to talk to patients, families, providers and consumers about complicated healthcare and medical topics – just in an easy-to-understand way. It’s an incredibly rewarding way to use my nursing knowledge and skills away from the bedside.

Other than that, I’m a wife, cat lover, bibliophile, craft beer enthusiast, runner (maybe more like slow jogger) and scuba diver.  My best times are spent with my family and friends, and if that means we’re at the beach, it’s even better!